That is the way we finished our first ACES PROJECT - Open your eyes and turn on! in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The weather was very bad , early in the morning there was a thick fog without any wind and maybe that was the reason for our balloons not to flown into the sky. But the emotion was real and sweet childish.

We hope to continue working on this ACES programme because we are mature enough to manage our second project.

Media Discussion Group

Some of Bulgarian students made a discussion group as a part of our project. Inspired of the current situattion in our country they gathered and started to talk about media and how they rule people's life. They compare the situation in 1997 and nowadays.  How media change people's point of view? Do we receive the real vision about the situation in Bulgaria watching the TV channels?

Media Literacy Lesson

Last week Bulgarian students had a Media literacy lesson.We learned how media products transformed during the centuries, we understood that our lives depend of media products and the most scary thing - these products control human's life!

Because it was The International Women's Day our girls received a special gift - a video called What is beauty? Watching the 4 min.film we all agreed that beauty is inner condition not shiny glamorous images from magazine papers.

For  the last part we let the Music to control our hands and draw amazing "feelings".

Our headmaster and Mrs Chacova were guests to this experience.

Enjoy the video and look our pictures!

Partner's visit from Czech Republic

Four beautiful and smiling girls and their teachers from Czech Republic were our guests from 18 to 22 February 2013. They came in Plovdiv and became our friends!

Enjoy the first video! Soon - video from TV centre and ACES carnival!

Bulgarian students ( 11th grade) and their Czech guests made a simple test called - What do you know about us? In fact, they know a lot ! Because our students did some researchings which were very useful for us.

Charming Mina from 6th grade sang a song for our Czech guests.

Astonishing Bachkovo Monastery! We visited it with our Czech guests.

Partner's visit in Serbia


Bulgarian students from St. Sofrony Vrachanski Secondary School visited their friends from Vrazogrnac, Serbia from 7th to 12th December 2012.

Partner visit in Bulgaria

Our Serbian friends from Dositej Obradovic School visited Plovdiv,Bulgaria from 14 Oct. to 19 Oct. 2012. As they said it was one unforgetable journey !

Programme for the visit of Serbian teachers and students
Here are the things which we had prepared for our guests and friends!
Official programme for Serbian students.
Adobe Acrobat Document 44.4 KB

Enoying ourselves!

Be careful , then turn on!