A little presentation how we won our project
Open your eyes and turn on! project
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In lasko,Slovenia we had Lasko Game - amasing adventure! So, we decided to present our Serbian friends a similar experience but connected to Bulgarian,Serbian and Czech history and cuisine.Children were divided in four international teams , they had to visit four starting points situated in different places in our neighbourhood Trakia. After visiting all four ones they had to make a final test in order to check what they remembered readind the information which our assistants gave the teams on these 4 starting points.

Children played the game very emationally , they made a real fun.

Of course we have a winner!

Enjoy the videos!

The first page of the test

The secong page

Serbian map with its six national "treasures". Children have to mark them in the right place on the map.


Bulgarian map

The first team is coming!

Teams make their tests in the school lobby

Making the tests and little fun!

Presentation of our project - OPEN YOUR EYES AND TURN ON!

Meeting with local authorites - our mayor,regional inspectors of education,the school authorites, ACES teams from Serbia and Bulgaria.

Be careful , then turn on!