It was speech in the beginning…

      St.Sofronii Vrachanski Secondary School was founded in 1984 under the name the “60–class school”. In 1986 it was the biggest secondary school in the Balkan peninsula with its 3127 students and 88 classes. Today, due to a variety of reasons, it has only 815 students, aged 6-19.

      It is located in Trakia, declared the best residential district in Plovdiv.

      St Sofronii Vrachanski is both comprehensive and profile-oriented. Geography and Economics is the profile at present.

      The school has four buildings and several playgrounds on its premises. The central building houses the administrative quarters, the library, the ethnographic museum, the chapel, two computer labs and many classrooms.

      A few important dates…

1984/April/ - beginning of construction works.
1984/September/ - the school year was opened.
1994 – Detelina Folk-dance Company was founded.
1995 – A bas-relief of St Sofrony Vrachanski, sculpted by Victor Todorov, a sculptor and teacher, was inaugurated.
1996 – The first two issues of the school newspaper were published.
2000 – Usmivka Folk Music Company with tutors Pavlinka Shkodrova and Elka Maronova took the first place at the First Orpheus Spring Festival of Folk Music in Sofia.
2003 – Bishop Arsenij inaugurated the school chapel on School`s day, 11th March The school anthem was composed.
2004 – The ethnographic museum was opened.
2005 - Students took active part in the Manager for a Day event of Junior Achievement Programme.
2006 – The school basketball team became Champions of the Republic.
The first school conference on good practices in teaching and qualification was held.
2007 – Uniforms again!
2008 – Work on P.A.D.T /Provide an Alternative for Development of Talents/ project begins.
2009 - The first Comenius project approved /G.A.L.E./.

What do you know about our partner countries?

In the very beginning of our project we asked our teachers and classmates very politely to help us in this adventure.They agreed , the first task was a simple servey to check their knowledge. The results - not very good but enough . Everyone adreed to learn more about Czech Republic and Serbia.

Ironic, but real fact - we are constantly surrounded by the media products but we don't know what kind of people live on the other side of the street. Everyone lives in his small chat box and doesn't care how others live.

We hope to find real friends with this project not Facebook profiles.

Be careful , then turn on!